Wall Street Memes: The Next Skyrocketing Meme Token

Wall Street Memes: The Next Skyrocketing Meme Token

As summer continues, Straight to DEX tokens grab the spotlight once again. However, one token has taken the market by storm in August. The Base Bot (BOT) token has witnessed an impressive surge of over +1,000%. This surge can be attributed to the growing interest around telegram trading bots that have dominated trading activities in recent months. Projects like Unibot, with a market cap exceeding $100 million, have contributed to this frenzy. While the BOT token currently trades at $0.2352, it has experienced a significant local retracement of -60% from its daily high of $0.575. This retracement follows a tremendous pump of +1,190% that captured the attention of investors and made many of them rich. However, concerns are emerging around this project that go beyond the price action.

Concerns Arise

The alarm bells are ringing due to a lack of locked liquidity, which poses a risk for investors. With liquidity as low as $41.5k, which accounts for less than 25% of the $234k market cap, holders may find themselves unable to sell their tokens. More than 300 of the 434 holders may face this predicament, adding to the growing unease. The small liquidity pool could vanish rapidly, leaving investors trapped. Consequently, DEX traders are taking note of these concerns and searching for the next promising moon-shot project.

Born from the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement and inspired by the success of popular investor forum Wall Street Bets, Wall Street Memes (WSM) has emerged as a meme coin with a unique twist. Backed by an impressive community of over +1 million followers, WSM’s token presale has become one of the most highly anticipated launches in the meme coin market since Pepecoin ($PEPE). With aspirations to tokenize the anti-bank movement and redefine our perception of digital value, WSM aims to transform community sentiment into a tangible asset.

Total Anticipation

Investors are flocking to WSM due to its democratic price point of just $0.0328. The WSM presale has gained significant momentum, reaching $20.41 million at a rapid pace. The increasing speed of the presale suggests that investors could unlock lucrative gains, especially with the built-in +30% bonus for presale participants in the initial listing. In line with its anti-bank philosophy, WSM plans to allocate 30% of the token supply to community rewards, with an additional 20% dedicated to liquidity. The remaining 50% is available in the presale, making it a project that caters to the masses. The absence of a team split has fueled explosive growth on social media, attracting more than 1 million followers in the Wall Street Memes community. Notably, interactions with prominent figures like Elon Musk have contributed to this impressive growth.

WSM’s success in the Wall Street Bets NFT collection has established a solid reputation for the project. This success is likely to incentivize major centralized exchange (CEX) listings, such as Gate.Io, potentially propelling the WSM token even higher. The project invites investors to be part of its history-making journey, and joining the Wall Street Memes Telegram and TikTok communities is an excellent way to connect with the growing community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure a piece of the next skyrocketing meme token. Take a closer look at Wall Street Memes and join the movement by buying $WSM today.


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