VeChain Partners with Tennis Tournament to Create Revolutionary ‘Phygital’ Trophy

VeChain Partners with Tennis Tournament to Create Revolutionary ‘Phygital’ Trophy

VeChain, the leading blockchain platform, has teamed up with the renowned tennis tournament Internazionali BNL d’Italia to create the world’s first ‘phygital’ trophy. The tournament, which will feature some of the world’s top-ranked players from May 8th to May 21st, will see the winners receive physical trophies empowered with VeChain technology through embedded NFC chips. The NFC chips will be assigned an NFT, creating a unique ‘phygital’ trophy that blends physical and digital elements.

The creation of ‘phygitals’ is revolutionizing how businesses interact with physical objects by enhancing digital capabilities such as authentication and anti-fraud. For businesses, phygitals offer significant benefits by enriching the customer journey, providing insights into product lifecycles, and enabling innovative forms of engagement. Consumers can also connect with brands and communities in new ways, gaining true digital ownership of items safeguarded by NFT and blockchain technology.

VeChain, World of V, and EXPlus will host a booth at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia event, demonstrating the power of blockchain through various sport-related phygital items. Visitors will be able to create phygital items of their own, offering a hands-on introduction to blockchain technology and its applications.

In addition to the phygital trophy, attendees at the event will enjoy a blockchain-powered experience with sustainably produced bracelets featuring QR codes linked to the ‘VeAces’ landing page. This unique NFT collection, developed by World of V, doubles as a raffle ticket. After the tournament, 150 winners will be randomly selected to receive a phygital sports cap, with tickets to the 2023 ATP Finals in Turin, Italy, also available as prizes.

Online attendees can participate in the VeAces event and win phygital prizes by claiming their VeAce NFT from the dedicated landing page, accessible when the tournament starts on May 8th. The innovative partnership between VeChain and the Internazionali BNL d’Italia is bringing blockchain technology to the forefront of the sports industry, paving the way for future developments in the field.


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