The Transition to GalaChain: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

The Transition to GalaChain: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

In a recent announcement, Gala Games revealed its plans to shift unsold and reserve NFT game items from the Ethereum network to its proprietary blockchain, GalaChain. This transition aims to provide gamers with an opportunity to interact with their NFTs without worrying about Ethereum’s gas fees. Moreover, this move is expected to enhance the platform’s web3 functionalities, offering a more seamless gaming experience.

Introducing NFT Mystery Boxes

To complement the transition to GalaChain, Gala Games will be introducing several new NFT Mystery Boxes. These boxes will contain game items that are no longer available in the Gala Games Store. Each box will include three randomly selected game items from different titles within the Gala Games Ecosystem. These items will function as tokens on GalaChain, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of the proprietary blockchain for their in-game interactions. Most notably, GalaChain currently enables transactions without incurring any gas fees, providing a significant advantage compared to executing similar actions on the Ethereum Network.

GalaChain: Enabling Seamless Gameplay

Jason “BitBender” Brink, Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, expressed his enthusiasm for this transition, stating, “Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a significant move. GalaChain is envisioned to facilitate game items to be utilized without the constant concerns regarding bridges and gas.” With GalaChain’s capabilities, Gala Games has decided to release 30,204 NFT Mystery Boxes, each with its own unique price tag. This move showcases Gala Games’ commitment to providing a seamless and enhanced gaming experience for its users.

Gala Games has established itself as a prominent figure in the web3 entertainment industry, with a focus on delivering AAA game experiences that emphasize player ownership. Games like Spider Tanks showcase the company’s dedication to providing immersive gameplay while empowering players to have a stake in the virtual worlds they inhabit. Gala Games’ decentralized game nodes, operated by players, form the foundation of the company’s vision. With multiple game releases in the past year and several others nearing completion, Gala Games continues to make significant strides in the gaming domain, revolutionizing the way players interact with and perceive video games.

Addressing Concerns: Burning GALA Tokens

In May, Gala Games made a noteworthy decision to burn approximately 21 billion GALA tokens, valued at an impressive $637 million. This action was taken following the completion of its V2 token airdrop, aiming to address concerns regarding a potential rapid sell-off event. As outlined in their 2023 Vision Paper, Gala Games has implemented the burning of their native token, $GALA, as part of their Gems initiative. This initiative focuses on supporting mobile growth and strengthening the node ecosystem. Gala Games has committed to burning 2 billion $GALA over the course of the year. While this commitment was not feasible under their v1 contract, the introduction of v2 has made it achievable, allowing Gala Games to deliver on their promise to the community and further enhance the value of their native token.

The transition from the Ethereum network to GalaChain marks a significant milestone for Gala Games, enabling users to enjoy their NFTs without the burden of gas fees and expanding the platform’s web3 functionalities. The introduction of NFT Mystery Boxes adds an element of excitement and variety to the gaming experience, with users having the chance to obtain exclusive game items. As Gala Games continues to pioneer web3 entertainment, their commitment to player ownership and innovative gameplay mechanics sets them apart in the gaming industry. With the burning of GALA tokens, Gala Games proactively addresses concerns raised by the community, ensuring the sustainable growth of their ecosystem. As GalaChain evolves and Gala Games continues to release new titles, the future looks promising for this groundbreaking gaming platform.


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