The Rise of Manta Network: A New Player in the Zero-Knowledge Layer-2 Blockchain Space

The Rise of Manta Network: A New Player in the Zero-Knowledge Layer-2 Blockchain Space

The layer-2 blockchain ecosystem powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs is expanding with the entrance of Manta Network. This new player brings a ZK-as-a-service platform called Manta Pacific, which is designed to support Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-native decentralized applications (DApps) using ZK-proof technology. Manta Pacific offers a software development kit and ZK library that grant developers with plug-and-play functionality.

One of the key advantages of Manta Pacific is its EVM-native nature, enabling apps deployed on Ethereum to be deployed on Manta Pacific and vice versa. This seamless interoperability allows for greater flexibility and ease of development. Additionally, being ZK-enabled empowers the platform with low gas fees and scalability, making it an attractive choice for developers looking to optimize their applications.

Manta Network enters a market already occupied by various ZK-proof layer-2 solutions, such as Consensys’ Linea zkEVM, Polygon zkEVM, Starknet, Coinbase’s Base, and zkSync Era. Each of these solutions offers its distinct value propositions, aiming to address the unique challenges faced by developers. However, the Manta Network core contributor, Kenny Li, believes that the market will eventually converge onto a small number of solutions, simplifying the development and deployment of ZK-enabled applications.

In Li’s view, the evolution of ZK-proof layer-2 solutions mirrors the development of Web2 technology. He draws parallels with the success of software-as-a-service models in the Web2 world, where a plug-and-play approach made it easier for developers. Similarly, in the realm of zero-knowledge, abstracting away the complexity of cryptography and infrastructure allows developers to focus on building and deploying applications seamlessly.

Manta Network has been in development for nine months, culminating in the launch of its testnet in July 2023. During this phase, the platform has already witnessed impressive numbers, with the creation of 150,000 wallets and over 3.5 million transactions. The project’s potential has attracted $25 million in investments, which will be used to scale the network and drive adoption in the Asian market.

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The emergence of Manta Network introduces a new player in the zero-knowledge layer-2 blockchain space. With its EVM-native functionality, ZK-enabled capabilities, and plug-and-play approach, Manta Pacific aims to provide developers with an efficient and user-friendly platform for building and deploying ZK-enabled applications. As the market continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Manta Network will compete and differentiate itself from other solutions. Regardless, the entrance of Manta Network signifies the ongoing innovation within the layer-2 blockchain ecosystem and highlights the potential for continued growth and adoption in the industry.


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