The Rise of BALD Coin and its Companion HAIRY Coin

The Rise of BALD Coin and its Companion HAIRY Coin

The recent rise of BALD coin has been nothing short of astonishing. As the first meme coin on the Coinbase Layer 2 Blockchain to go viral, BALD coin has experienced an astronomical increase in value. At one point, it reached a surge of 4 million percent, or 40,000 times its original value. This unprecedented growth has caught the attention of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Meet HAIRY Coin

In the midst of BALD coin’s impressive performance, a companion coin called HAIRY has emerged. Created by the same team behind BALD, HAIRY coin seems to be another way for early investors to capitalize on the Base trend and potentially realize substantial profits. HAIRY coin has already seen promising returns, with an 8,000% increase in value. At the time of writing, it is priced at $0.00045.

The Connection to Coinbase

While little is known about the creators of BALD coin, some blockchain sleuths have noticed potential links to Coinbase. The deployer of the BALD token contract is associated with an address containing a significant portion of the current supply of cbETH, the Base version of a staked asset. This connection to Coinbase adds an intriguing layer to the story of BALD coin and its sudden rise to fame.

The Newness and Potential of BALD and HAIRY

Both BALD and HAIRY coins are relatively new, as indicated by the lack of contract verification detected by DEXTools. However, these coins show promising potential. Although liquidity for HAIRY coin is modest at $71k, compared to BALD coin’s $36 million, HAIRY coin has a market cap of $328k, making it an ultra-low cap token with room for further growth. With a return of over 8,000%, HAIRY coin has already captured the attention of investors.

Trading volume for BALD coin has reached an impressive $91 million in the past 24 hours. The coin has experienced a slight pullback from its peak value of $0.087 but early investors are still seeing substantial gains. BALD coin is currently priced at $0.0676 and can only be bought, as the one-way bridge prevents selling at this time. On the other hand, HAIRY coin is an ERC20 token, running on the established Ethereum blockchain.

The Slow-Burn Approach of HAIRY

The developers behind HAIRY coin, potentially connected to BALD coin, appear to be taking a methodical approach. HAIRY coin has a low DEXTscore of 1/99, lacking web links, social properties, and a token description. However, this has not deterred buyers from driving up the price of HAIRY coin. It is possible that the developers are working behind the scenes with alpha groups and influencers to gain recognition for the coin.

If you are interested in a highly speculative play in the cryptocurrency market, HAIRY coin may be worth considering. As BALD coin continues its impressive run and HAIRY proves to be a reliable companion coin, investors may find value in adding HAIRY to their portfolios for the foreseeable future.

The remarkable rise of BALD coin and the emergence of HAIRY coin have captivated the cryptocurrency community. These meme coins, potentially linked to Coinbase, have shown immense growth potential. While the market for these coins is still relatively young, early investors have already reaped significant rewards. As the market continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to see how BALD and HAIRY coins perform and whether they maintain their momentum in the long run.


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