The Mysterious Case of Ripple’s XRP “Glitch” on Gemini: Thin Order Book or Ominous Forecast?

The Mysterious Case of Ripple’s XRP “Glitch” on Gemini: Thin Order Book or Ominous Forecast?

The cryptocurrency community was taken aback when users reported witnessing peculiar price movements of Ripple’s XRP token on the Gemini exchange. Shortly after relisting XRP for deposits and trading, multiple screenshots circulated on Twitter revealing what seemed to be a “price glitch.” Users claimed that the displayed price of XRP soared above $1 on several occasions, with one instance even reaching a staggering $50.

However, these astonishing figures sharply contrasted with the current market price of XRP, which stands at a modest $0.63 according to CoinGecko, a popular cryptocurrency tracking website. This stark discrepancy naturally led to confusion and speculation among traders and enthusiasts alike.

Thin Order Book and Low Liquidity

Some observers propose that the enigmatic price fluctuations may be attributed to a thin order book and low liquidity resulting from the recent listing of XRP on Gemini. With fewer buy and sell orders present, even relatively small trades can significantly impact the displayed price. As evidence, one onlooker disclosed witnessing a sell order at $50, suggesting the possibility that someone accidentally entered a market order at that exorbitant price. This interpretation implies that the peculiar price movements were merely anomalies caused by trading mishaps rather than intentional actions.

Interestingly, several lighthearted comments emerged regarding the unexpected surge in XRP’s price. Some individuals jokingly speculated that it could be a prophetic indication of where the XRP price might soar within the future, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Such comments exhibit the community’s ability to find humor amidst puzzling situations.

Gemini Enters Site Maintenance Amidst Controversy

In the midst of the XRP price frenzy, Gemini announced that its platform was undergoing maintenance, rendering all services temporarily unavailable. The exchange emphasized that customers’ assets and funds remain secure despite these technical adjustments. Furthermore, some users reported experiencing timeout issues on the spot markets, which further added to the overall confusion and uncertainty.

Gemini had recently made XRP available once again for trading on its platform on August 10th. This decision followed the landmark ruling by United States District Court Judge Analisa Torres, who determined that XRP is not a security when sold on exchanges. The outcome of Ripple’s case against the Securities Exchange Commission brought a sense of relief to XRP holders and paved the way for its reintroduction on various exchanges.

The Search for Answers

Upon discovering the anomalous XRP prices on Gemini, Cointelegraph reached out to the exchange for clarification and comment. However, no immediate response was received, leaving traders and enthusiasts eagerly awaiting an official explanation from the platform. Until then, the enigma surrounding the XRP “glitch” persists, fueling speculation and intrigue within the cryptocurrency community.

The mysterious XRP price fluctuations on Gemini continue to captivate the attention of crypto enthusiasts and traders. While some attribute the anomalies to a thin order book and low liquidity, others view it as a whimsical glimpse into the future of XRP’s price trajectory. As Gemini undergoes site maintenance, users and observers eagerly anticipate an official statement that may shed light on this peculiar incident. Until then, the curious case of Ripple’s XRP “glitch” remains an unsolved enigma in the crypto world.


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