The Evolution of Web3 Usernames and the New Messaging Integration

The Evolution of Web3 Usernames and the New Messaging Integration

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to evolve, and with it comes the concept of Web3 usernames. These usernames allow users to associate their crypto addresses with more memorable and user-friendly names. Unstoppable Domains (UD), a leading provider of Web3 usernames, has recently launched an instant messaging system for ud-registered username owners. In this article, we will explore the significance of this new messaging integration and its potential impact on the adoption of Web3 usernames.

Web3 usernames have been in existence since 2017, revolutionizing the way crypto users interact with their accounts. Instead of relying on long strings of complex characters to identify their accounts, users can now have easy-to-remember names associated with their crypto addresses. For example, the arduous-to-remember “0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045” can be transformed into the simple and memorable “Vitalik.eth.” This user-friendly approach has primarily been utilized for receiving payments, but the potential applications of Web3 usernames go beyond that.

Some projects have recognized the untapped potential of Web3 usernames and are expanding their utility to include messaging applications. On July 12, Coinbase Wallet became one of the pioneers in this area by launching an instant messaging system. Users could now communicate with each other using their .eth or usernames. This functionality was further integrated with the social media protocol Lens, thanks to the shared use of the extensible message transport protocol (XMTP).

Unstoppable Domains Completes the Puzzle

While the messaging integration was available for usernames registered through Coinbase Wallet, it did not extend to usernames registered through Unstoppable Domains, such as those ending in .crypto or .polygon. However, the recent announcement from principal engineer Aaron Quirk has bridged this gap. UD owners can now message each other using their usernames across various XMTP-compatible apps, including Lens protocol apps, Coinbase Wallet, the UD iOS app, and the UD website. This development opens up new avenues for communication among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and further enhances the value of Web3 usernames.

One of the notable advantages of UD’s messaging integration is its reliance on the extensible message transport protocol (XMTP). This independent protocol encrypts and sends messages to recipients, ensuring their privacy and accessibility even if UD were to cease operations in the future. The announcement assures users that their messages will be preserved and accessible regardless of the fate of Unstoppable Domains. This commitment to data preservation instills confidence among users and cements the reliability of the messaging system.

Quirk also mentions another upcoming integration with Push Protocol that will further enhance the capabilities of Web3 usernames. Push Protocol will allow UD username owners to sign up and receive notifications from various Web3 projects. This integration opens up avenues for direct communication between projects and users, creating new opportunities for engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. Whether it’s important updates or exciting opportunities, Web3 username owners will have a seamless channel to stay informed and connected.

The adoption of Web3 usernames is expected to experience significant growth in the near future. The recent advancements, including the messaging integration and the partnership with Binance.US, have propelled the concept into the spotlight. UD users now have the opportunity to register usernames ending in .BinanceUS, expanding the options available to them. Furthermore, the truce between UD and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) allows ENS .eth names to be sold in the UD store for the first time. These developments not only enrich the Web3 username ecosystem but also provide users with more choice and flexibility.

Unstoppable Domains’ new messaging integration for Web3 usernames marks an important milestone in the evolution of the crypto space. The ability to communicate seamlessly using memorable and user-friendly usernames opens up new possibilities for collaboration, networking, and engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. As we witness the ongoing growth of Web3 usernames, it is clear that they are transforming the way we interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With continued innovation and integration, the potential applications of Web3 usernames are yet to be fully realized, promising a future where cryptocurrency users can have secure, private, and efficient communication channels at their fingertips.


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