The Cuze: The Next Step in Walken’s Sustainable Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem

The Cuze: The Next Step in Walken’s Sustainable Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem

Walken, a sustainable play-to-earn gaming project, has had a successful first year, establishing itself as a leader in casual gaming powered by Web3. Now, it is evolving into its next phase, called the Cuze, which aims to provide a fun and rewarding experience for its users while harnessing the earning potential of Web3 for creators and players.

The Cuze: A New Approach to Empower Players and Creators

The Cuze is a Walken-centric ecosystem of casual games powered by Web3. It introduces a novel approach to empower players and creators with blockchain technology, disrupting the repetitive cycle of traditional casual gaming. The Cuze operates with a single governance and utility ecosystem token, $WLKN, promising enhanced monetization of gaming skills and a range of diverse experiences, all under one roof.

From a developer’s standpoint, the Cuze provides an infrastructure that supports the Walken ecosystem, enabling more games to be created and launched. Players progress through various puzzle games, accumulating and reusing ecosystem assets, which have real-world value in Walken, where the full potential of NFTs and player progress is unlocked to keep players engaged.

The liquidity of these assets primarily comes from the treasury generated by players’ genuine activity, including ad views, a portion of the revenue from which will be redistributed among players as rewards. Over 3.5 million registered players have already joined the platform, forming a vibrant community that supports and drives Walken’s ongoing development.

Walken Runner: A Unique Move-to-Earn Twist Sets It Apart

Walken Runner, the ecosystem’s first game, has already demonstrated the vision of the Cuze ecosystem, outperforming similar Web2 games. Drawing inspiration from the traditional runner game model, Walken Runner’s unique ‘move-to-earn’ twist sets it apart in the ever-expanding landscape of blockchain gaming.

At the heart of Walken Runner is the engaging narrative of a CAThlete, where the game challenges players to navigate through gates, amass gems, and deftly dodge obstacles while upgrading their health and attack stats, ultimately reaching the end of the track where an enemy awaits for a high-stakes showdown. The game remains free to play and doesn’t require special NFT ownership or fees, making it accessible to everyone.

Walken’s development signifies another step in the world of Web3 gaming, bringing us closer to a future where fun and casual gaming blends with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. By opening the gateway for Web2 players into the realm of Web3, Walken continues to strive for a more inclusive gaming community. The ease of onboarding, engaging mechanics, broad appeal, and stable economy of future Cuze games can potentially attract millions of Web2 players to Web3, expanding the blockchain gaming audience and driving crypto adoption.


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