Tencent Cloud Introduces Blockchain RPC Service to Support Web3 Developers

Tencent Cloud Introduces Blockchain RPC Service to Support Web3 Developers

Tencent Cloud has recently unveiled its latest product, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, in collaboration with Ankr. This innovative offering aims to provide Web3 developers with a reliable infrastructure and essential developer services. Web3 development can be complex and challenging, with high operational costs and resource requirements. Tencent Cloud’s Blockchain RPC service seeks to address these obstacles by allowing developers to query data and process transactions on different blockchains with ultra-low latency. By focusing on decentralized application development, this service aims to enhance the overall experience for Web3 developers.

Overcoming Challenges in Web3 Development

Web3 developers often encounter obstacles such as hardware failures, network disruptions, and potential attacks that can impede application performance. Tencent Cloud’s Blockchain RPC service aims to mitigate these challenges, ensuring stability and flexibility during high concurrency periods. By providing a reliable infrastructure and essential services, developers can focus on building decentralized applications without worrying about these operational issues. This service is designed to make decentralized application development easier and more accessible.

Two Versions for Broader Coverage

Tencent Cloud plans to offer its Blockchain RPC service in two versions: a public version with specified features and rate limits, and a premium version that operates on a Pay-as-you-Go model. The premium version offers increased request throughput and enhanced rate limits, catering to developers with higher demands. Additionally, Tencent Cloud has future plans to expand this service, covering more blockchains and global regions. This expansion will further support the growing Web3 community and its global reach.

Promising Performance Metrics

The new product demonstrates promising performance metrics, supporting up to 1,800 requests per second per chain. This impressive figure is attributed to Ankr’s expertise in node technology. Tencent Cloud ensures high disaster tolerance and ultra-low latency RPC services, vital for maintaining stability and service availability in the fast-paced Web3 environment. Developers can rely on this blockchain interaction capability to create robust and high-performing decentralized applications.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President at Tencent Cloud International, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch and the company’s commitment to supporting the global Web3 community. Collaborating with partners like Ankr allows Tencent Cloud to offer unprecedented capabilities, empowering developers and facilitating the growth of decentralized applications. Tencent Cloud is dedicated to evolving and meeting market needs by providing the best Web3-related features and services. Stanley Wu, Co-Founder and CTO of Ankr, also sees this partnership as a significant milestone in the growth of the decentralized internet, pointing towards a promising future for blockchain applications.

The Blockchain RPC service is currently operational in the Hong Kong and Singapore zones, catering to customers worldwide. It offers exceptional blockchain interaction capabilities for three popular blockchains: Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS. In the future, Tencent Cloud plans to incorporate more Layer-1 and Layer-2 roll-up blockchains, expanding the range of supported platforms and providing developers with even more options to explore.

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