Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry: yPredict Raises $3.4 Million in Funds

Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry: yPredict Raises $3.4 Million in Funds

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, and one platform is leading the charge in revolutionizing the way traders and investors approach the market. yPredict, an artificial intelligence (AI) crypto signals platform, has recently secured an impressive $3.4 million in funds from global investors. This influx of capital comes as investors recognize the immense potential of yPredict’s AI-powered web3 ecosystem in the crypto industry.

Investing in the Future

With the goal of developing a cutting-edge suite of AI analytics tools covering crypto and SEO analysis, yPredict has been conducting a presale of its native $YPRED token to fund its development. The project plans to sell 80% of the 100 million $YPRED token supply via the public presale, offering holders enticing staking rewards of up to 45% every quarter, significant discounts on yPredict’s AI tools, and lifetime free access to the platform’s highly regarded crypto price prediction system.

Currently in its seventh stage, the $YPRED tokens are priced at $0.1 each during the presale. However, investors must act swiftly to take advantage of this favorable price as the token price is set to rise to $0.11 when the presale reaches $4.58 million. Later in the year, the token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges at a price of $0.12. By investing in the presale now, buyers will potentially gain a 20% increase in the value of their tokens.

Experts at have ranked yPredict among the top 5 presales that could deliver 10x gains at the token’s launch. This recognition reinforces the immense potential and credibility of yPredict in the crypto industry. Investors looking for a promising investment opportunity should seriously consider yPredict as a viable option.

Building a Revolutionary Crypto Price Prediction Platform

At its core, yPredict aims to create a best-in-class AI-powered crypto price prediction and analytics platform. The start-up’s Litepaper outlines the vision to develop a superior crypto research and trading platform that offers traders and investors access to numerous AI-powered signals, breakouts, pattern recognition, and social/news sentiment features. The platform’s technology has been meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art predictive models and data insights built by top 1% AI developers and quants.

Early Access and Exciting Developments

Those interested in experiencing the platform’s price prediction and analytics capabilities can now join the beta version, providing an early opportunity to explore the potential of yPredict. Furthermore, yPredict is working on a unique marketplace where ML developers can offer their model predictions as subscription services, expanding the platform’s offerings and providing additional ways to generate revenue.

yPredict is not limited to being just an AI-powered trading platform; it is also dedicated to developing AI-powered tools to assist content teams. The platform recently launched its first AI-powered tool, the Backlink Estimator, which received overwhelming demand. With over 5,000 requests in the first 24 hours alone, it quickly became apparent that content teams found great value in this tool. As a result, the yPredict team introduced a pricing structure of $99/query. However, presale buyers will continue to enjoy exclusive privileges, including unrestricted access to the Backlink Estimator, as well as future yPredict models like the forthcoming WriteMingle tool, a collaborative SEO-friendly content editor.

Expanding into Content Solutions

Last month, yPredict generated significant excitement by announcing its plans to build a content solution specifically catered to medium to large content teams. The anticipated release of the yPredict editor will provide a comprehensive set of features to streamline content creation processes and boost productivity.

Incentivizing Token Holders

The $YPRED crypto token offered by yPredict is garnering attention as one of the best AI utility coins available in the market. With numerous AI-use cases and impressive staking yields, $YPRED token holders are strongly incentivized to hold onto their tokens. Additionally, the ability for crypto community members to secure a large majority of the token supply via the presale (80% availability) mitigates concerns about insider token supply drops that could adversely affect the token’s value in the future. The remaining 20% of the tokens are allocated to liquidity, treasury, and development, further bolstering the stability and long-term prospects of the project.

Investors can purchase $YPRED with ETH, MATIC, and BNB, providing accessibility and convenience. yPredict’s presale presents a unique chance to invest in one of the most promising projects of 2023. To learn more about how to purchase $YPRED and capitalize on this opportunity, refer to the provided guide.

YPredict’s recent funding success and groundbreaking initiatives in the crypto industry mark a significant milestone. With its powerful AI analytics tools, innovative marketplace, and AI-powered content solutions, yPredict is poised to revolutionize the way crypto trading and content creation are approached. Investors and traders looking for a cutting-edge platform should seriously consider yPredict as a lucrative investment opportunity.


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