Patrick Hughes to Launch NFT Collection on ElmonX

Patrick Hughes to Launch NFT Collection on ElmonX

Patrick Hughes, known as the King of Reverspective, is set to launch a new collection of NFTs on ElmonX. The collection includes two one-of-a-kind pieces, Rubik’s Cube and Die. The launch will take place on Sunday, 25th June at 9AM PT.


Patrick Hughes held his first solo show in 1961 at the Portal Gallery in London. A few years later, he created two reverse perspective works, Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s, Hughes became famous for his rainbow paintings, which were popular as prints and postcards. However, for Hughes, the rainbow represented a solid experience. In the late 1980s, he revisited the concept of reverspective, solidifying space. For the past 25 years, his 3-D reverspective paintings have been in high demand, exhibited around the world and featured in many public collections.

The Collection

The Patrick Hughes collection on ElmonX includes Rubik’s Cube and Die. Rubik’s Cube is a mind-boggling feat of genius as it comes to life depending on the angle it is viewed. The cube is made of oil paint on wood and reimagines cubism as a reverspective space motor. Die is also made of oil paint on wood and reduces three-dimensional space to three simple planes. The faces turn and twist like dice in a game of chance.

How to Purchase

Buyers can pay with a credit card at There will be a private sale from Thursday, 22nd June at 4PM PT to Saturday, 24th June at 9AM PT. The public sale will be first come first served on Sunday, 25th June at 9AM PT.

About ElmonX

ElmonX is a platform that seamlessly integrates with an unalterable and highly secure distributed database of digital assets. By leveraging decentralised and immutable blockchain systems, ElmonX ensures transparent tracking of product origins and traceability across the entire supply chain. Collectors can utilise augmented reality to visualise and engage with the NFTs, adjusting the scale of the assets to perfectly suit their surroundings.

The ElmonX mobile app is available in beta, allowing collectors to reserve their username and join the waitlist. With a particular focus on licensed products, ElmonX aims to enhance the NFT collecting experience, particularly in the realm of art, through various offerings such as digital products, animation, and immersive experiences.

ElmonX is committed to planting a tree for every sale made, and their virtual forest can be viewed at

Patrick Hughes’ new collection of NFTs on ElmonX is highly anticipated within the art world. His unique approach to reverspective and solidifying space has made him a renowned artist. ElmonX’s platform offers enhanced NFT collecting experiences, and their commitment to sustainability is commendable. The launch of this collection is sure to be a success.


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