New Meme Coin $COPIUM Surges 1000% Within Minutes of Launch

New Meme Coin $COPIUM Surges 1000% Within Minutes of Launch

$COPIUM, a new meme coin, has made a dramatic entrance into the Web3 circles and has already begun to make waves thanks to its exciting NFT and token airdrop campaign. Within minutes of its launch on decentralized exchange Uniswap at 4 pm UTC, $COPIUM surged by 1000%, with early buyers eager to invest given the token’s following by some of the crypto industry’s biggest names with thousands of followers. This article will delve into the details surrounding the coin, including its potential to become the next Pepe coin and its unique features that have garnered significant interest from crypto enthusiasts.

The Rise of $COPIUM

$COPIUM has taken off in a hurry as it stakes its claim to be the meme coin to watch. Pepe coin may have met its match with $COPIUM. The coin currently has a market capitalization of $11.31 million, way ahead of the fully diluted market cap it commanded at launch. Other metrics show strong liquidity of already around $4 million. Crypto analysts are already predicting a 1000% return for $COPIUM.

Unique Features of $COPIUM

Thanks to its exciting NFT and token airdrop competition, well-designed incentives, and the help of a passionate, well-connected community of backers, $COPIUM aims to establish itself as a leading meme token in the crypto space. The project’s backers have adopted the savvy strategy of bringing into the ring a star line-up of legacy blue tick supporters from among the crypto glitterati, who together have millions of followers on Twitter.

As for the name $COPIUM, that appears to be a portmanteau of the words “cope” and “opium” and, in the context of the $COPIUM meme coin project, is a reference to a fictional, inhaled gaseous drug used by crypto degenerates to cope with their losses. Obviously, it is also a play on the ‘hopium’ that is the hallmark of coin projects that have run out of steam but in which invested bagholders still have hope-ium.

Protection Against Dumping

$COPIUM is protected against dumping because only 10% of presale buyers’ tokens will be unlocked right off of the bat, with the rest unlocked linearly over a three-week period. “This unlocking structure prevents pre-sale buyers from immediately selling off their tokens, protecting those who buy in the market from a potential price drop,” $COPIUM’s website explains. “It’s a key part of our commitment to ensuring a fair launch and prioritizing the safety of our investors.”

Exclusive Incentives for Holders

The airdrop of NFTs and exclusive incentives will make holders even more sticky. Two hours after $COPIUM’s launch, the team will take a screenshot of the market, and the top 200 token holders will be eligible for $COPIUM’s NFT and $COPIUM token airdrop. The top 200 $COPIUM holders will then be airdropped NFTs that feature a Copium tank. The more $COPIUM a holder owns and buys, the more their NFT tank will fill up. Copium tank NFT holders will have two weeks to fill up their tank as much as possible. After that two-week period is over, Copium tank NFT owners can use their tank to claim their $COPIUM airdrop tokens. The number of tokens an owner will receive will be directly correlated to the fullness of their Copium tank NFT. The NFT will remain theirs to keep. There will be ten million $COPIUM tokens made available to the top 200 $COPIUM token holders during the airdrop, which amounts to 1% of the token’s total 1 billion supply.

In conclusion, $COPIUM has taken the crypto world by storm and has already established itself as a leading meme token in the crypto space. Its unique features and exciting NFT and token airdrop competition have garnered significant interest from crypto enthusiasts, and its protection against dumping has provided investors with peace of mind. The exclusive incentives for holders will make them more sticky, and the potential return on investment is already being predicted by crypto analysts. Time will tell if $COPIUM becomes the next Pepe coin, but early indicators suggest that it has already made a significant impact on the Web3 circles.


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