Missouri Crypto Advocate John Forsyth Found Dead After Being Reported Missing for Over a Week

Missouri Crypto Advocate John Forsyth Found Dead After Being Reported Missing for Over a Week

John Forsyth, a Missouri emergency room doctor, crypto advocate, and co-founder of crypto project Onfo (ONFO), was recently found dead in northwest Arkansas after being reported missing for over a week. He was last heard from on May 21 through text messages with his fiancée. Authorities told the deceased’s brother Richard Forsyth that John’s corpse was found on Tuesday. The Forsyth brothers created the ONFO coin in 2020, allowing users to earn tokens while referring others to the platform through a strategy called “network mining.” Forbes tagged John a “Bitcoin millionaire” in the same year, shortly before the third Bitcoin halving event, while he was a mathematics undergraduate.

According to a report from The Associated Press, Richard told the police that John was missing after he failed to show up for work on May 21 at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville, which was unlike him. The doctor had worked at the hospital for about 15 years, and his brother described him as a doting father and family physician.

“We had dinner Wednesday before he disappeared, and we sat and talked for three hours. I told him this is the happiest I’d seen him in a long time. His divorce was final on May 11, and I think that gave him energy for the future. He really cared about his patients, and he loved his kids,” Richard said.

On May 30, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and law enforcement agencies searching for John found his black Infiniti car unlocked and parked in a remote area close to an aquatic park in Cassville with his wallet, two phones, a laptop, and other items inside. After searching within a nine-mile radius around the park with dogs and drones, the officers got a call about a body in a water bank across from the Lost Bridge South area. John’s body was eventually found with an apparent gunshot wound.

“It doesn’t seem like a person who left with a plan. Right now, we really don’t have any breaks in the case. I’m confused, and I’m worried. And I don’t like this one bit,” Richard said.

The Mysterious Deaths of Crypto Executives

John’s demise comes less than two months after Cash App co-founder Bob Lee was fatally stabbed to death in San Francisco. Other crypto executives, including Amber Group’s co-founder, have also mysteriously died over the past six months.

While an investigation into John’s mysterious death is ongoing, the police said there are no signs of foul play so far. The deaths of these crypto executives have raised questions and concerns in the industry about their safety and security. The digital nature of cryptocurrency makes it a prime target for cyberattacks and hacks, and the anonymity it provides can also attract unwanted attention. Additionally, the high stakes and potential for wealth in the industry can lead to conflicts and dangerous situations.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, it is important for individuals and companies to prioritize safety and security measures to protect themselves and their assets. The deaths of these crypto executives serve as a reminder of the potential risks involved in the industry and the need for caution and vigilance.


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