Line Next and Sega Collaborate to Bring Web3 Gaming Experience to Game Dosi

Line Next and Sega Collaborate to Bring Web3 Gaming Experience to Game Dosi

Line Next, a subsidiary of the renowned mobile messaging giant Line, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Sega, a leading gaming company. The primary objective of this collaboration is to introduce a brand-new Web3 game to the blockchain gaming platform, Game Dosi. In line with their memorandum of understanding, Line Next has obtained an intellectual property license from Sega, granting them the rights to utilize one of Sega’s immensely popular game IPs. This selected game will undergo a complete transformation as it is reimagined into a Web3 experience, finding its new home on the Game Dosi platform.

However, Line Next’s role in this venture goes beyond facilitating the transition to a Web3 environment. They are also responsible for providing essential support for various aspects of the game’s production. This includes the creation and management of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling digital payments, and overseeing marketing efforts. Youngsu Ko, the head of Line Next, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Line Next is thrilled to partner with Sega in bringing exciting gaming experiences to the Web3 space for players around the world. Through this partnership, Game Dosi will offer Web3 content that can be easily enjoyed by everyone, including Sega fans.”

Sega’s Strategic Shift and Continued Belief in Blockchain Technology

The announcement of this partnership comes shortly after Sega’s decision to scale back its own Web3 game development. Instead, the company plans to delegate this responsibility to external parties, as exemplified by their collaboration with Line Next. Despite this strategic shift, Sega remains invested in the potential of blockchain technology and its application in the gaming industry.

In a recent interview, Shuji Utsumi, co-chief operating officer at Sega, shared his insights on the blockchain and gaming industries. While acknowledging that some of the claims made by blockchain advocates may sound extreme, Utsumi emphasized the importance of not underestimating the potential impact of emerging technologies. Although he expressed his personal disinterest in play-to-earn games, Utsumi stated that Sega is keen on exploring whether blockchain technology can truly revolutionize the gaming industry.

Sega and Line Next’s Vision for the Future

This new collaboration between Sega and Line Next signifies the future direction of Sega’s classic game IPs. By developing Web3 games and creating NFTs, the two companies aim to give Web3 games a significant promotional push. Initially, Sega’s decision to pull back from Web3 game development while maintaining an investment in the space may have seemed contradictory. However, it is now evident that Sega is embracing external partnerships, such as the one with Line Next, to propel the Web3 gaming movement forward.

While the specifics of the project remain undisclosed, the gaming community is eagerly anticipating the official announcement that will unveil the finer details of this venture. Fans of Sega and Web3 gamers alike are excited to see how Line Next and Sega will bring together their expertise to create a truly immersive and innovative Web3 gaming experience on the Game Dosi platform.


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