Joseon: The Cyber Nation-State Offering a Safe Haven for Innovation

Joseon: The Cyber Nation-State Offering a Safe Haven for Innovation

Sovereignty refers to a country’s ability to govern itself independently, including regulating and controlling activities within its borders, such as those of cryptocurrency companies. Cryptocurrency companies face varying levels of regulatory frameworks worldwide, with some countries offering favorable conditions and others imposing stricter regulations or bans that limit operations and innovation. Sovereignty is the only entity empowered with absolute power of existence in international law.

Introducing Joseon, the Cyber Nation-State

Joseon is a new nation-state that is the successor to the original Joseon Empire, which was founded in 1392 and was Korea’s longest-running dynastic kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, Joseon never ceased to exist when Japan annexed the empire in 1910, as a state cannot be extinguished due to belligerent occupation. In 2023, Joseon reaffirmed its continued existence through a treaty with Antigua.

As a recognized nation-state, Joseon has established its own regulatory framework in its jurisdiction, allowing its citizens, called Denizens, to establish their corporations. Instead of imposing restrictions on innovation and technology, Joseon encourages creativity and development, making it a jurisdiction that fosters innovation.

Realizing the Vision

Joseon’s vision has already been put into practice with BKEX, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announcing its ambitious plans to incorporate in Joseon’s jurisdiction. By operating within Joseon’s jurisdiction, BKEX can leverage its exceptional legal framework and technological infrastructure.

As a nation-state with legal recognition, Joseon has introduced the Mun currency (JSM), the first unbannable cryptocurrency in the world, offering the benefits of both a legitimate national currency and a cryptocurrency. The Mun currency is available at BKEX and Hotbit.

Numerous notable individuals became involved in the development of Joseon, including Mike Honda, a former U.S. Congressman and DNC Vice Chairman, and Roger Ver, who serves as Chairman of, along with many others.

In summary, Joseon redefines the nation-state and presents a safe haven for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs, offering an exceptional and inventive take on sovereignty. Technology exists to make us do more, and becoming a Joseon Denizen offers true freedom.

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