Jordan Peterson Advocates for Bitcoin as the Only Viable Alternative to CBDCs

Jordan Peterson Advocates for Bitcoin as the Only Viable Alternative to CBDCs

In a recent interview, Canadian psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson spoke with tech expert and entrepreneur Brian Roemmele about artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. During the conversation, Roemmele discussed how blockchain technology, specifically Bitcoin, could be integrated into a popular payment system due to its decentralized nature. Peterson agreed, stating that Bitcoin is the only alternative he sees to a centralized bank digital currency that he believes will be implemented in the near future.

Bitcoin as Communication and Information Storage

In addition to its potential as a payment system, Roemmele noted that Bitcoin could also be used for communication and information storage. The data encrypted within a blockchain is practically limitless, allowing for the decentralization of information that is meant to last indefinitely. Peterson expressed interest in using Bitcoin as a form of permanent, incorruptible information storage, proposing the development of a “blockchain corpus of general knowledge questions” for IQ tests.

Bitcoin as an Inflation Hedge

Peterson has previously praised Bitcoin as a way to combat the tyrannical control imposed by central bank digital currencies. In November 2021, he bought Bitcoin as an inflation shield, recognizing it as a hedge against inflation. Despite its recent underperformance, Peterson remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential as a viable monetary alternative in the future.

In conclusion, Jordan Peterson advocates for Bitcoin as a decentralized alternative to centralized bank digital currencies. He recognizes the potential of blockchain technology beyond its use as a payment system, proposing its use as a form of communication and information storage. Furthermore, he acknowledges the inflation-hedging properties of Bitcoin.


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