Gala Games Burns Billions of Tokens to Alleviate Worries of a “Dump and Exit” Event

Gala Games Burns Billions of Tokens to Alleviate Worries of a “Dump and Exit” Event

Gala Games, a play-to-earn gaming industry player, has burned nearly 21 billion GALA tokens, which are valued at over $637 million. This move follows the completion of its V2 token airdrop and is in line with the company’s 2023 Vision Paper. The token burn aims to alleviate worries about a potential “dump and exit” event. Gala Games has pledged to burn 2 billion $GALA over the year as part of the Gems program, which is designed to support mobile expansion and strengthen the node ecosystem.

Gala Games Burns an Additional 3,961,582,987 $GALA

In addition to the 2 billion $GALA pledged, Gala Games has burned an additional 3,961,582,987 $GALA, which is equivalent to their total $GALA revenue ever received. This move is part of the company’s effort to solidify its network and reassure its community of its commitment to their shared cause and the long-term viability of its node network.

Gala Games Sets its Sights on a Promising Future

Despite burning billions of tokens, Gala Games has set its sights on a promising future. The company has established a wallet with 2 billion $GALA as a strategic reserve, openly labeled on-chain for all to verify. Protected by a multi-sig wallet, this reserve testifies to Gala Games’ long-term commitment to its community and dedication to supporting the node network.

Gala Games pledges to sustain solely on their daily ecosystem rewards, committing to thrive within their fostered ecosystem. Their objective is clear – to enhance the node network in the long run, ensuring collaborative growth.

Gala Games – A Company that Embodies True Ownership and Innovative Economic Models

Gala Games is becoming a significant player in the play-to-earn gaming industry, attracting much attention. The company’s goal is to change our understanding and interaction with online games, and it has essential elements like the Gala Games Node, Store, and Wallet that contribute to an integrated environment that allows players to possess their digital assets and gain rewards. Townstar and Spider Tanks are notable games developed with Gala Games.

Gala Games has grown into an embodiment of true ownership and innovative economic models. Having spent several years laying the groundwork for its vision, Gala Games has evolved from a small group on a Zoom call to an international gaming company boasting roughly 400 employees. The company’s decision to burn billions of tokens is a noteworthy move that addresses the looming fear of potential exit scams, a concern common in the blockchain industry.


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