Evers Airdrop for XRP Holders: What You Need to Know

Evers Airdrop for XRP Holders: What You Need to Know

Evernode, a layer 2 smart contract solution built on top of the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has recently announced the details of its upcoming airdrop for XRP holders. To participate in the airdrop and be eligible to receive Evers tokens, investors must provide a snapshot of their XRP holdings by the beginning of September. It is important to note that the tokens must be held directly on-chain and not through an exchange.

The team behind Evernode has revealed that a total of 5,160,960 Evers tokens will be distributed to eligible XRP holders. The distribution will primarily focus on investors with balances of up to 50,000 XRP. Holders with larger balances will need to have separate accounts to qualify for the airdrop.

Snapshots and Hooks Sidechain

Evernode explained the necessity of taking a snapshot of the XRP Ledger before the launch of the Hooks sidechain. The platform will be deployed on the Hooks sidechain, which includes a burn2mint mechanism. This snapshot will capture the XRP holdings of investors and facilitate the distribution of Evers tokens.

While Evernode has promised to provide more details about the launch of the Hooks sidechain in due course, the team emphasized that the airdrop is a gift and not all XRP holders will receive Evers tokens. They made it clear that there are no promises or guarantees regarding the specific number of Evers tokens that participants will receive. The team reserves the right to decide whether or not to proceed with the airdrop in the announced manner or at all.

The upcoming Evers airdrop presents an opportunity for XRP holders to potentially receive additional tokens. By meeting the snapshot deadline and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, investors can participate in this distribution. However, it is important to understand that the airdrop is not guaranteed for all XRP holders and that there may be factors that could affect the distribution process. As more information becomes available about the launch of the Hooks sidechain, Evernode will provide further updates regarding the airdrop.


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