Crypto Lawyer Receives Death Threats for Speaking Out Against Dodgy Altcoins

Crypto Lawyer Receives Death Threats for Speaking Out Against Dodgy Altcoins

The crypto community can be a volatile place, filled with passionate individuals defending their favorite altcoins and engaging in lively debates. But for one prominent crypto lawyer, the threats have become all too real. Emma Heaver, a well-known figure in the crypto industry, has been receiving death threats from altcoiners who take offense to her outspoken stance against dodgy altcoins.

Heaver firmly places the blame on memecoin founders for fueling the fiery users on Crypto Twitter. In her view, these community leaders and altcoin creators have a responsibility to discourage threats and intimidation, rather than egging on their followers. She believes that their actions directly contribute to the hostile environment online.

Emma Heaver is not just any lawyer; she is a prominent figure in the crypto industry. With over 41,200 followers on social media, she has managed to build a substantial following. While she may not be as famous as some of the biggest names in the industry, she remains unphased by the possibility of being “canceled.” She confidently states that she will continue to post on LinkedIn, where she has an even larger following.

Heaver proudly identifies as a Bitcoin maxi and speaks at crypto conferences around the world. She often warns people to stay away from dodgy altcoins, which has made her a target for threats. Whenever a token founder faces legal action or a lawsuit, she analyzes the legal aspects of the case and shares her analysis with her followers. This has earned her both support and backlash from various crypto communities.

Before diving into the world of crypto in 2016, Heaver worked as a lawyer in the oil and gas industry for 13 years. She found herself disenchanted with the corporate world, longing for a more meaningful endeavor. Her decision to transition to the crypto industry was met with disbelief from her colleagues, who viewed it as a domain filled with money launderers and drug dealers. Undeterred, she embraced the crypto world and hasn’t looked back since.

Heaver revived her old Twitter account about a year ago and started posting regularly. Although she initially didn’t expect to gain many followers, she decided to post once a day. While she takes her work with governments in the Middle East and Eastern Europe seriously, she sees Twitter as a platform for fun and lighthearted content. Her carefree attitude and focus on enjoyable content seem to provoke even harsher reactions from her critics.

As a prominent figure in the industry, Heaver understands the crypto community’s preferences. Instead of focusing solely on heavy-duty legal analyses, she discovered that the community responded more positively to fun and easygoing content. Humor and relatable posts seem to resonate better with her followers, despite the insightful and meaningful analyses she also offers.

In addition to her crypto-related content, Heaver also engages with political commentary on Twitter. She sees politics as more significant than tracking crypto prices since political decisions have a broader and more lasting impact. She regularly follows accounts such as Swan Bitcoin’s Cory Klippsten, Bitcoin Archive, and even the Elon Musk (Parody) account. For her, understanding the political direction is crucial in navigating the crypto landscape.

Heaver draws upon her “inside knowledge” of the SEC gained from her time in the oil and gas industry to predict the outcomes of the ongoing lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase. She believes that both companies will settle with the SEC without acknowledging any wrongdoing. According to her, this is a common approach for the SEC, which relies on such settlements to fund its operations and pay salaries and bonuses.

Emma Heaver’s experience in the crypto industry has been filled with both rewards and threats. As a vocal critic of dodgy altcoins and an advocate for Bitcoin, she has encountered backlash from passionate altcoiners. Despite the risks, she remains steadfast in her mission to educate the community about scams and manipulative practices. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, figures like Emma Heaver play a crucial role in guiding its growth and fostering a safer and more responsible environment.


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