CoinMarketCap and Hello Labs Launch Reality Show “Killer Whales” to Promote Web3 Entrepreneurship

CoinMarketCap and Hello Labs Launch Reality Show “Killer Whales” to Promote Web3 Entrepreneurship

CoinMarketCap has partnered with Web3 entertainment company Hello Labs to create a new reality show called “Killer Whales.” The show is inspired by the popular series “Shark Tank” and aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the Web3 domain to a wider audience.

The Competition

“Killer Whales” provides a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their groundbreaking Web3 projects, including non-fungible token (NFT) concepts, to a panel of experts. The judges, consisting of entrepreneurs, influencers, and Web3 company founders, will evaluate the proposed projects and offer valuable feedback.

The Mission

CoinMarketCap’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Isaac, said that “Killer Whales” represents an entertaining and exciting way to share the entrepreneurial energy of the Web3 sector with people all over the world. The show’s objective is to entertain and educate viewers about crypto and NFT topics.

The Process

Starting May 2, aspiring entrepreneurs can submit their project proposals through and CoinMarketCap. A rigorous selection process will follow, involving multiple interview rounds in Hollywood, California. As the selected contestants present their projects, viewers will get a glimpse of the growth and innovation potential within the Web3 landscape.

The production of “Killer Whales” is scheduled to begin in June, with plans to release the series on leading streaming platforms and Hello Labs’ on-demand service, Hello TV. The show aims to reach millions of viewers, demonstrating the transformative capacity of Web3 technology and encouraging its widespread acceptance.

The Significance

By showcasing NFT projects and other blockchain-based innovations, “Killer Whales” aims to underscore the versatile applications of this technology, fostering a growing interest in cryptocurrency and Web3 among the general population.

As “Killer Whales” raises awareness about the benefits of Web3 technology, the show could spark a new wave of innovative projects. With its engaging format, the program is sure to resonate with both Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers to the digital asset sphere.

CoinMarketCap’s “Killer Whales” represents a significant stride for the crypto community, as it brings the excitement and potential of Web3 and NFT projects to mainstream audiences. By providing a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to influential judges and viewers, the show aims to inspire a new generation of blockchain pioneers, ultimately paving the way for broader acceptance of Web3 technology.


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