Bitcoin NFT Sales Rise to Second Place in Blockchain Sales

Bitcoin NFT Sales Rise to Second Place in Blockchain Sales

According to data from on May 14, 2023, Bitcoin NFT sales have become a significant contributor to the digital collectible sales landscape among 21 distinct blockchains. While Ethereum NFT sales continued to dominate with $111.26 million in sales, Bitcoin-based NFTs, also known as Ordinal inscriptions, secured the runner-up position.

The data demonstrates that Bitcoin NFT sales earned $53,433,451 in sales, making it the second-largest blockchain sales out of the 21 chains. Bitcoin’s NFT sales jumped by 187.54% compared to the prior week. Additionally, Mythos blockchain’s NFTs experienced a substantial boost, with NFT sales increasing by 69.66% to claim $11.73 million this past week.

Solana, which previously held the second-largest spot, now ranks fourth in terms of NFT sales per blockchain. In the last seven days, Solana recorded $8,789,106, a reduction of 21.16% compared to the previous week. Polygon’s $7.79 million came in fifth place, decreasing by 7.07%.

Regarding NFT collections, data reveals that “Uncategorized Ordinals,” essentially random Ordinals not part of any collection, achieved the top collection status in sales this week. Uncategorized Ordinals managed to register $15.62 million in NFT sales.

Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) claimed the second spot this week with $13.80 million in overall sales within the past seven days. The Mythos chain’s Dmarket collection secured third place, and the majority of Mythos’ NFT sales stemmed from the Dmarket collection’s transactions.

In fourth place, ORDI BRC-20 NFTs documented $11,044,110 in weekly sales, while Ethereum’s Milady Maker NFT collection amassed $10,376,102 in sales during the same timeframe and ranked fifth this week. A notable climber this week concerning NFT sales was Bitcoin-based Space Pepes with $4,607,834 earned over the past seven days – a spike of 2,142.35% compared to the previous week.

Moreover, a single NFT from the series sold for $4.5 million, making it the most expensive sale of the week. Interestingly, the remaining top five most valuable NFT sales in the past week all belonged to the Uncategorized Ordinals category. Overall, Bitcoin NFT sales have surged significantly, and the trend is expected to continue in the future.


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