A Revolutionary AI-Powered Crypto Trading Platform: yPredict

A Revolutionary AI-Powered Crypto Trading Platform: yPredict

yPredict is a new crypto trading and market intelligence platform that has been developed using state-of-the-art predictive models and data insights. It is also a first-of-its-kind, institutional-grade crypto price prediction system that is powered by yPredict’s in-house deep data analysis. This tool will help crypto investors discover the next explosive crypto with ease. The best part is that yPredict’s crypto price prediction system will remain free and open for all users to access.

Features of yPredict

yPredict’s platform is designed to provide traders and investors access to dozens of AI-powered signals, breakouts, pattern recognition, and social/news sentiment features. The platform is also building a cutting-edge crypto research and trading platform. According to the start-up, “the ypredict.ai marketplace will enable experts to earn recurring revenue by offering their model predictions or data research as trading signals, which traders and investors can subscribe to”. The platform’s technology was designed using state-of-art predictive models and data insights built by top 1% AI developers and quants.

The $YPRED Token

To fund the development of its revolutionary AI-powered crypto trading and market intelligence platform, yPredict is running a presale of the native $YPRED token that will power its platform. The presale has just hit a massive fundraising milestone by raising $1,660,000 million. The project’s presale has now entered its sixth stage, which sees the $YPRED token price rise from $0.07 to $0.09. However, there’s still plenty of upside for new investors, as the token will list across major exchanges for $0.12 later this year, for paper gains of 33%.

Pricing Model and Passive Income

To access yPredict’s premium features, new users will need to pay a $YPRED-denominated subscription fee. 10% of these fees will be distributed to existing $YPRED token holders. This will encourage $YPRED investors to HODL as they benefit from a passive income stream, reducing sell pressure in the market. And that’s not the only passive income stream that $YPRED owners can benefit from, with owners also able to stake their tokens in pools to benefit from monthly rewards.

yPredict’s platform aims to hand market participants an unbeatable edge. With more and more traders and investors expected to turn to AI technology for trading assistance in the coming quarters and years, the yPredict platform and its $YPRED token are expected to perform exceedingly well in 2023 and beyond. Investors should move quickly to secure $YPRED tokens while they are still being offered at a discount.


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