A New Era of International Remittance: SBI Remit Partners with Ripple to Offer XRP Remittance Service

A New Era of International Remittance: SBI Remit Partners with Ripple to Offer XRP Remittance Service

In an exciting development for the world of international remittances, SBI Remit, the international remittance services arm of Japanese financial holding company SBI Group, has teamed up with Ripple and SBI Ripple Asia to introduce an XRP remittance service. This collaboration aims to provide fast and cost-effective remittances to bank accounts in several Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

SBI Remit has been utilizing Ripple’s payment services for international remittances since 2017, and now, it is expanding its offerings by integrating XRP as a bridge currency. This move is a milestone for SBI Remit, as it becomes the first company in Japan to enable remittance services using XRP to crypto wallets in the Philippines. By leveraging Ripple’s advanced blockchain technology, SBI Remit aims to revolutionize the international remittance landscape by offering faster and more efficient cross-border transactions.

The decision to extend the service to bank accounts in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia stems from the high volume of remittances to these countries. SBI Remit recognizes the enormous potential in catering to the needs of individuals who rely on remittances from their loved ones overseas. By utilizing XRP as a bridge currency, SBI Remit aims to expedite the entire remittance process while significantly reducing costs.

To bring this ambitious project to life, SBI Remit collaborated with Tranglo, a reputable cross-border payment solutions company. By partnering with Tranglo, SBI Remit is able to leverage their extensive network and expertise in remittance services to ensure the seamless implementation of the XRP remittance service. This strategic partnership highlights SBI Remit’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for its customers.

Despite facing legal challenges in the United States, Ripple’s services continue to gain traction and acceptance in Japan. Japanese banks Yamaguchi, Momiji, and Kitakyushu have recently embraced RippleNet-based remittance service called MoneyTap P2P, revealing a growing confidence in Ripple’s technology among major banking players in the country. This ongoing adoption serves as a testament to the resilience and effectiveness of Ripple’s solutions in transforming the global remittance landscape.

With SBI Remit’s partnership with Ripple and its integration of XRP as a bridge currency, a new era of international remittance is dawning. By providing fast and cost-effective remittances to bank accounts in Southeast Asian countries, SBI Remit is poised to revolutionize the remittance industry. This collaboration not only showcases the power of advanced blockchain technology but also highlights SBI Remit’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the financial services sector. As adoption accelerates and more companies recognize the potential of Ripple’s solutions, we can look forward to a future where cross-border transactions are faster, more affordable, and more accessible for millions around the world.


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